About Sophie

I have been working with animals for more than 20 years.

I started with horse training, and I trained my first dog at 16 years old. I am still as enthusiastic and passionated by my work. I have completed my master dog trainer classes to improve my expertise with proven techniques. You will find an article about my story and my passion for dogs in the links, under “La Presse” .

Dogs have always been present in my life, bringing me joy and comfort. I studied as a nurse and specialised in palliative care. I have been educating people for 20 years, making them change their life style for a better health. It is the exact same thing that I am doing right now in the canine world. Educating dog owners and helping them to live a better life with their dogs! We do team work so we can have a well balanced, obedient and happy dog.

My dog Kaïsen, a German Sheppard, is often by my side. He helps me in my day to day work and shows the dogs that comes in boarding how to behave properly.

My family is also very important. I could not do this job without them. Au pied du maître is a family business, and  everybody gives a hand. My children and husband help me with the educative and familial boarding, walking dogs and making sure everybody is respectuous and play nicely together.