Two different type of boarding are available: familial boarding and educative boarding.

Familial boarding is a dog sitting boarding service for short, medium or long term. You are going on vacation or renovating the house? No need to worry, we will take care of your dog like it is our own. We try to recreate the dog’s own environment, so if your dog uses a crate to sleep in at night, bring it. Your dog is used to his own blanket or cushion? He will feel at home here if you bring these items as well. We ask you to supply your own food, bowl, leash and brush. We feed the dogs according to their own schedule. Dogs are walked in pack once or twice a day depending on the weather. They are free in the house and have unlimited access to the backyard where they will find a swimming pool so they can refresh themselves during those hot summer days. Not only do we have plenty of toys and stimulating games for your dog, but he can also loosen up with a nice massage… Ask about our VIP treatment, which consists of a nice bath and nails trimming…







The educative boarding is a boarding service, but it is mainly a training. Your dog has behavior problems, steals food, reacts in a negative way towards other dogs, jumps on people or barks non-stop? You want to have an obedient dog and don’t have time to go to obedience class? Educative boarding is the perfect solution for you and your dog! All the benefits and joy of the familial boarding plus hard work to become a more respectful dog. Your dog will learn how to walk with a leash, sit, lay down, stay, greet visitors, etc. Since each dog is different, we offer a customized program to fit your needs according to the evaluation of our canine expert. Our goal is to help you live a better life with your dog. Using positive reinforcement, without any violence, and always respecting your dog, he will become the dog of your dreams!