Training is always easier when you work with the dog as a team. I use the Alpha method. With this method, the dog wants to please its master because he sees them as the pack leader. This is very reassuring for a dog.

The word ”training” has more then one meaning. It does not only mean obedience, but also reconditioning. Every dog is different, so I don’t have a single method to help you. I find the best method for you and your dog according to the evaluation. I train all breeds of dogs without discrimination. Au pied du maître offers you plenty of options to help you and your dog. Whatever the behavior issues, we can help you : will not share toys or food, excessive barking, jumping on guests, anxiety separation, aggressiveness, etc.

Our training methods are always respectful of your dog and are made with your collaboration.

I offer different types of training: puppy school, basic and advance obedience, fun tricks and familial protection.

Puppy school: a class for dogs under four months of age. It is for the owner more than for the dog. The class consists of two meetings of about one hour each where we talk about canine psychology, canine language, putty training, prevention of bad behavior and what to do if the dog does something wrong, what is the best kind of food to give your dog, hygiene, taking care of the teeth, the ears and finally an introduction to basic obedience…

Basic obedience: the dog will learn how to heel walk with the leash, sit, get down and stay. Depending on your needs, we can include how to greet visitors or how to come. Following the course, we offer you support and a one year guaranty.

Advanced obedience: it includes basic obedience, plus your dog will learn to respond from a distance, how to come and back to heel. Once again, depending on your needs, we can add the greeting of guests or any other demand. Since the lessons are custom made for you and your dog, nothing is impossible. Following the course, we offer you support and a one year guaranty.

Here’s a video of Maya, a young pitbull. She is at her second week of training. She still requires a bit of help. We need to work more on the come and remove all help for the sit with distance. Maya learns quickly and loves to work.

If you want to look at more videos:

Fun tricks: once your dog knows his basic obedience, we can have fun showing him how to do fun tricks : give the paw, play dead, crawl, beauty, bark and growl on command, give hugs, salute, do slalom between the legs, etc. Your imagination is the limit!

Familial protection: the goal here is to give you control over your dog, not to build an attack dog. Just like we teach dogs to sit and lay down, we can teach them to appear dangerous. Your dog will learn to bark and growl on command to protect you and he will learn to stop growling and act friendly when you tell him it’s ok. This is the perfect session a territorial dog. You will finally gain control over him and make him a safe dog to be around. You want to fell in security in your home and during your walks? With this training will learn how and when to protect yourself! Basic obedience is required.